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Hi, my name is Gregory Jueves Mayo.
I just graduated from San Jose State University.

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A passionate learner who is seeking for Software Engineering internship.
I am an ambitious, task-oriented person, and ready for new challenges.

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Work Experience


Security Tools Developer Intern

Jun 2020 - Aug 2020, San Francisco, CA

Upgraded the Salesforce Compliance site by building a digital watermarking file system using Node.js, facilitating the SCCS teams to identify who shared the confidential documents from the embedded watermark.

Enhanced the watermarking file system by adding functions based on the Adobe Experience Manager documentation to prevent users from modifying, printing, and copying the file.

Programmed software security techniques by implementing APEX code on the Salesforce internal Lightning App to prevent security issues such as SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting XSS.


Software Engineer Intern

Dec 2018 - Feb2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

Streamlined users’ upload process for applicants by building a drag and drop file upload system using Vue.js.

Reduced 90% duplicate applicants by building a notifier application using Node.js that prevents users from submitting duplicate applications by sending a notification email after submitting their application.

Increased visitor numbers by 30% by implementing the Vue I18n library that allows users to translate the Menos website into the Indonesian language.

Diablo Valley College

Computer Lab Assistant

Jan 2017 - May 2018, Pleasant Hill, CA

Decreased 10% lab expenses’ by building a time entry program using C++ that allows all lab assistants to electronically enter their time as proof of work.

Provided technical assistance and one-on-one tutoring for CS classes such as Data Structures and Algorithms.


Airline Reservation System

Programmed a Java application for users to view, book, and update tickets based on their needs.

Implemented features for users to view all the ordered tickets and available tickets based on available airlines.

Developed using Java, JDBC, MySQL.

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Handled the user authentication using Firebase APIs and built pages for students and teachers to view and customize their account settings and information.

Redesigned a page to give teachers better functionality such that to accept students’ request to join the class.

Developed using React Native, Node.js, Express.js, Firebase.

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Lost and Found

Lead team to implement a three-tier web application that allows users to view posted items from different users.

Programmed pages for users to view and post items with the item’s information and an uploaded picture.

Developed using React.js, Apache Kafka, Spring Boot, Java, AWS RDS, Docker.

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EZ Poll

Programmed a real-time polling web application that allows users to create and share new polls.

Created a result page that allows users to view the poll and the percentage of the answers based on real-time.

Developed using React.js, Firebase.

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Runner Up - PayPal “Opportunity Hack”

November 2019, San Jose, CA

Programmed a web application for non-profit organizations to post information regarding education, food, and housing that are intended to help foster youth.

Built an iOS mobile application using Swift that enables foster youths to see all of the information posted by non-profit organizations.

Developed using Siwft, React.js, Firebase.

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